About Us

What is the role of the BPCA?

The BPCA is the Independent Association for all UK Padel Coaches.

BPCA are also the only provider of 'Padel Coach Insurance' in the UK. 

The main aim of the BPCA is to promote and service Padel Coaches and the sport of Padel at all levels.  

Our mission is to educate, certify and service the UK's Padel teachers and coaches  in order to enhance and grow the game.

Why is it important to join the BPCA?

It is important to make sure that all Padel Coaches are covered by the BPCA Public and Employee Liability Insurance, and by joining BPCA you are also enrolling as a member of the largest fraternity of Padel Coaches in the UK .

The British Padel Coaches Association is open to any reputable individual that holds or is working towards holding a recognised Padel Coaching or teaching qualification. 

BTCA also provides coaches with continued development courses and on-line support and learning packages that help ensure that all Padel Coaches have the tools they need to put together quality padel coaching programs. 

What else does the BPCA do?

BPCA works with corporate partners within the Padel Provision Industry in order to finance, develop, and promote new Padel facilities and programs throughout the UK.

BPCA provides competitive opportunities for players of all ages and levels of ability, and additional training for coaches and players alike. 

BPCA also hosts many fun and informative networking events throughout the year that keep BPCA coaches in touch with what’s happening in tennis, nationally and internationally.
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